Managing my lending

How do I access my money by selling loans?

If you need access to money that you have lent to borrowers before they are due to pay it back, Zopa has a tool to help sell your loans to other lenders. In Zopa Plus and Zopa Classic we charge a 1.0% admin fee for all successful transfers made via this tool.

You can use this tool to sell some or all of your loans. If you only want to access some of your money, you can select a specific amount to sell.

There may be situations where the interest rate on loans you wish to sell is lower than the current market rates. So that other lenders can still buy those loans from you, an extra amount needs to be credited to them. This amount represents the extra interest they would expect to earn if they lent out the same amount of money in a similar loan, but at the current rate.

In order to minimise the effect of these credits when you sell your loans, we will prioritise selling your youngest loans first. If the requested amount cannot be reached just using these loans, we will then start to transfer loans at a lower rate, starting with the smallest differences in rate.

You can sell your loans by signing into your Zopa lending account and selecting the ‘Summary’ from the top menu and then select 'Sell loans' in the relevant product.

When you request to sell your loans we’ll estimate how many loans you need to sell in order to reach this amount and display the estimated amount you’ll receive, excluding any fees. In most cases we expect to sell the estimated number of loans within one working day of the request. If demand is low or if your requested amount is very large then we’ll continue to sell your loans for 10 working days until we reach the amount estimated. If we haven’t sold enough loans to reach the amount requested after 10 working days you’ll be notified by email. Whilst this is in progress your re-lending is disabled.

For successful loan transfers, all interest accrued on the loan since the borrower's last repayment will also be passed on to the new lender.

Find out more about loans which are ineligible for sale

Last Updated: 24 June 2016, 04:01pm
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